* About

Gold Aces is a sports investing service addressed for the serious sports bettors, who are willing to treat sports betting as a business, and also for anyone else looking for legitimate and safe ways to make an income through a online activity.

Our goal is to give the possibility to our subscribers to be in that small fraction of worldwide sports bettors, who are able to make a constant profit from their wagering activity or to make even a living.

It is not an easy process, but your perseverance will be very well worth. We are dealing you aces over the long run and you have to take proper action to make these aces work properly.

You need to be prepared for a long, every-day grind.
You will need to start from a small betting bankroll, and you will build it up step by step to many times it's initial value.

In order to follow this building process exactly and with ease, Gold Aces will be providing all you need on a daily basis.
Only 10 minutes of "work" is required from you every day - this consists in checking your e-mail and placing your wagers in your betting account, exactly as directed.

Review our membership structure below.
You will understand that we are looking just for serious people to join us, and our hope is that they will stay with us for the whole length of their active bettor life.

* Our Membership Structure

- begin with trial period for free (we can discontinue this at any time)
- $30 the 1st paid month
- $40 the 2nd paid month
- $50 the 3rd paid month
- $60 the 4th paid month and any following paid month

A "month" is 30 or 31 days, depending on the number of days the month has in which you begin your paid membership. In case of February, it will be considered 30 days.

Any days when we do not have plays (picks to wager on) will be added to the length of the initial 30 or 31 days of your paid membership.

* Guarantee and Clause

Our Guarantee On All Paid Memberships:

You will make at least a 25% betting bankroll increase in your paid subscription month.
If we fail to reach this goal, you will get our plays for free until at least this % is reached.

Our "Stop" Clause On All Paid Memberships:

If a 40% bankroll increase is reached inside your paid membership month, we can consider your paid membership finished, even if there are more days left until your membership would end.

The 25% and 40% are considered strictly according to the results and record of the plays we are sending you.
These data are also posted here, for recording and proofing.

* Proofing

Being totally transparent and honest regarding all our past picks, results and records is of the highest importance to us.

In fact this would be the very first thing you need to make sure about when you are thinking to become a customer to any sports service, because unfortunately this industry is jam packed with scammers and liars, who are falsifying their results and records.

We found that the very best way of proofing sports picks is using a group setting, like Google groups.
This is the link to our Google group.

In these groups everything posted has a time-stamp that can be seen by anyone looking at that post. The time-stamps are proof that our plays were posted before the official scheduled start time of the games.

Secondly, but nonetheless important is that nothing already posted can be edited, without the software posting at the bottom of the edited post a note reading "this post was edited".
This is proof that the plays once posted, those posts are never tampered with (edited) again.

We will never edit any posts which are featuring the picks for any day, but only the posts with the results and records.

To be clear what we are talking about, please check the results post for "Wednesday, August 16" (the first day of our recording and proofing).
We made a wanted mistake in that post, then edited it and corrected it, just to have displayed the edited note at the bottom, as a demo for everybody.

These Google Group setting can not be modified, in other words results and records posted here can not be falsified.
That would be possible only if someone from Gold Aces would work at Google, in the IT programming department.

Very few sports services are using third party groups like Google or Yahoo for proofing, and we wonder why?

* What You Will Get With Your Membership?

--> We can have 3-12 plays (picks) each day, delivered through e-mail to your registered e-mail address at least 1 hour before the first game of the daily card is scheduled to start.

It is rare when there is only a 1 hour margin, usually we send out our plays several hours before the first game starts.

Occasionally may happen that we send out our plays for the same day in 2 different e-mails (in very rare occasions even in 3 e-mails). In this case in the day's first e-mail you will be informed that you will get another e-mail later in the day.

--> We have plays in all the American pro and college sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB), Canadian Football (CFL). Rarely there can be even soccer (only games which are featured in all serious bookmakers).

--> Whenever it happens that we have a day without any plays, that day is added to the length of your 30 or 31 days of paid monthly membership.

Example: If we have 2 days without plays, and your membership would be normally 31 days long, your membership will be extended to 33 days.

* Using Our Picks, Money Management

--> All the lines and odds posted with our picks are from the "5 Dimes" bookmaker, valid right before emailing our plays. We do not use their reduced odds, because this would be unfair to many members who are using other bookmakers, which have no such reduced lines.

--> This is how our plays are always presented:

A / B - C D E F / G

A = the competition's name
B = the target amount of $ to be won with your wager
C = rotation number
D = in case of side bets the team's name which the pick is on, and always the home team in case of "total" bets
E = line
F = odds
G = the scheduled start time of the event, always in Eastern Time (ET - New York's time)


NBA / 15 - 721 Toronto Raptors -3.5 -110 / 7:10 PM
This means that in the National Basketball Association you need to wager to win $15 on rotation number 721 the Toronto Raptors, on the line of -3.5 points, with the odds of -110.

--> All the picks' "B" value is always given for a starting bankroll of $1,000. If your bankroll is a multiple of this (or half), you need to multiply the "B" value proportionally.

--> We are always posting all our picks in the order of the scheduled starts of the games.

If there is more than one game starting at the same time, the posted order is from the highest "play to win" value to the lowest value.

If there in more than one game starting at the same time, and our "play to win" values are equal, the posted order is respecting the rotation number of the teams.

Always posting our plays like this makes very easy and quick for you to find in your bookmaker's listing the games you need to wager on.
If you are in a hurry, just worry about the plays which are closest to the scheduled starting times, and take care of the rest later.

--> The money management we use is unique and proprietary. It is a progressive money management, but extremely low risk.
The safety of your and our bankrolls is the first and most important criteria for us.

* What You Need To Do?

1. Sign-up for the trial period for free.

2. We strongly recommend to have a starting bankroll of just $500.

3. In the trial period get used to checking your email and placing your wagers.

It is extremely important to not skip any days, to always place all your wagers for all our plays we have every day, and to respect exactly the money management we use (that is the "wager to win" amounts given with every pick).

4. After 1 or 2 months of following us, you can establish your starting bankroll at:

- $1,000 ; $1,500 ; $2,000 ; $2,500 or $3,000.

Do not use any other values for your starting bankroll!

5. If your goal is not just to make an extra income with your Thor Sports membership, but to make a full time income, do not withdraw from your bookmaker every month your winnings but work on building up your starting bankroll until will be several times bigger.

You will do this by establishing a new starting bankroll each and every time your initial starting bankroll has grown with $500, and then of course all the "bet to win" values on your wagers will be according to this new starting bankroll.

If your starting bankroll is $1,000, when this bankroll will reach a high of $1,500, from the next day you will consider this $1,500 your starting bankroll.
When this $1,500 will reach a new high of $2,000, from the next day you will consider this $2,000 your starting bankroll, ... and so on.

* Trial Membership Request Form:

Please complete this form with your real first name, and do not use a proxy/VPN when submitting your request.

This same e-mail address given will be used for all our communication, including sending you our plays even if you will apply later for a paid membership.
Your First Name:

Your E-mail:

* Contact

For questions and comments contact us at the:
" mail (at) goldaces.ga "
e-mail address.

We try to reply as soon as possible all the e-mails we are receiving.

Please note that for a trial membership request you must use the form above. Simply e-mailing us and asking for such membership will be not honored.

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